When We Look Closely at the World

When We Look Closely at the World

When We Look Closely at the World 150 150 Joedance Film Festival


As I got older, I realized that some of the greatest pleasures in life are derived from odd pairings. Like oil and vinegar to dip crusty bread into. Or sweet and salt, like chocolate covered pretzels. Or a rock and roll cover of a country song.

Joedance didn’t start out with an odd pairing in mind. The idea was to take something our family loved to do together and use it in our son’s memory to help fund pediatric cancer research.

Movies and cancer were two things that had occupied the better part of Joe’s short life. Two things that have gone on to define the past years of my family’s life. Two things that, before Joedance, I thought the only common ground between them and Joe were movies about cancer.

But when one gets involved in groups as insular as a local film industry and medical research, one quickly realizes they are more together than they are apart. One must really look closely.

Through the years, Joedance stood as a bridge between these seemingly disparate communities of pediatric oncology research and independent film. And as time has moved ever forward, I realized what Joe found so enthralling about both art and science was a universal truth these things both shared. Those who work in these fields tear atoms apart, peer back at life and predict the end of days. With a handful of equations or color and sound, these pioneers seek to understand the world as it truly is and seek a world that can be.

Joedance has stood as a bridge between these two communities, bringing them together and showing everyone what can one day be possible

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