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If A Tree Branches In A Forest

Years ago, in another life, my twin boys had to do a family history project. More than anything, they were surprised how many people came before them and shared the same last name. That they were small leaves sprouting from a branch from a tree. To be fair, they were quite young at this point; their understanding of death was nebulous at best.

It is strange to think about family in that sense. A teether stretching back through time. Lives known only through stories and items passed over from parent to child again and again. Back further still, until the beginning. Until that first group of mankind turned away from each other to spread across the earth.

I think of what Joedance has built over the years. Our sponsors and donors and attendees. I think of how we started, a group of neighbors and classmates. Friends near and far. I think of how through the years the support never wavered. Each and every one of you gave us your time and whatever else you could, especially recently when the world so often seems to be falling apart.

I think, is that not family? Is it not someone to stand with during the difficult times and to celebrate the victories? I think of the past years when we were not able to meet in person and know without a doubt that we are family because we survived it together. I think of this summer, the first summer in years where we can meet and celebrate together in person, and I am filled with light.