Remembering Love During The Season of Love

Cupid is officially out in full force. The chocolates, roses, and cards that line the aisles of big-box stores highlight the commercial meaning of Valentine’s Day but fail to encompass the true meaning of love.

Love and Grief

The meaning of love runs a little deeper for those of us who have loved and lost. Love and grief are intimately related. You can’t have one without the other. You do not grieve unless you love and the risk of love involves the inevitability of grief. Though grief  is hardening, it can also help you live a more purposeful life. A life full of meaning is possible once you realize the source of your grief is because of an unmatched love. It’s this type of love that fuels Joedance….

The love from Joe’s family who still deeply feels their loss.

The love from the community as they continue to support our cause.

The love from those who never even met Joe but have fallen in love with his bravery.

A Legacy of Love

Joe left behind a legacy of love! He wanted people to be inspired by his story- to have courage during the hard times in life. Joe loved a lot of things in life, but NOTHING more than his family and friends. At the end, he hung onto every day and every opportunity to be with his brothers and his friends. He would light up when they would visit. It meant the world to him.

As followers, friends, and supporters of Joedance, we ask you to honor the great loves in your life this season and beyond. Live each day to the fullest. Never forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. And above all, be sure to express your love every day in new ways.

DianeRemembering Love During The Season of Love
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