Joedance Film Festival selects nine local films for 2014 Festival

Joedance Film Festival selects nine local films for 2014 Festival

Joedance Film Festival selects nine local films for 2014 Festival 150 150 Joedance Film Festival

FRIDAY (Film Showings begin at 9 p.m.)

  • Filius (Rolando Gil Rosario, writer/director) (9:25 length): short film that follows a Puerto Rican owner of a aging hardware and convenience store who loses his daughter in an accident as he tries to cope with her death. Winner of Best Student Short Film at the Rincon (Puerto Rico) International Film Festival.

  • POP (Nicole Driscoll, director/producer) (4:37 length): short film in which an actress misinterprets a role when auditioning for a balloon popping fetish video.

  • The Bishop Boys (Andrew Huggins, writer/director/producer/editor) (6:41 length): short film that is a tale of three down-and-out brothers in search of some easy money, but making it together is what makes things go the hard way. Still, they’ll do this one last job…for Mama.

  • The Four Elements (Jordan K. Ellis) (6:30 length): experimental short film meditation on the worldʼs four elements: Air, Water, Earth & Fire.

  • Overcoming Mountains (Joshua Marshman, director) (63 minutes length): feature-length documentary filmed while traveling 2,300 miles across China on bicycles. The three-person crew captured a story of human perseverance, interviewed people they met about their struggles, and discovered a motivational endurance to keep going. As they work to overcome the physical mountains confronting them along the road, the filmmakers shared something new about the hardships, fears, and difficulties we all face in our daily lives. Join them on their journey, and see just what it takes to be one of the few that are Overcoming Mountains.

SATURDAY (Film Showings begin at 9 p.m.)

  • The Horse You Rode In On (Joshua Yates, director/producer/DP/editor) (2:40 length): music video segment of a long-form music video exploring death, life and rebirth.

  • Destiny (Tom Olson, actor/writer/producer) (2:45 length): short film in which a man searches his heart to express his feelings for a co-worker via YouTube. Of course, things don’t go as planned and hilarity ensues!

  • Blue (Derek Donovan, director/DP) (25:00 length): short film about Jed, who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his dog Blue. The film follows their relationship as it goes through changes and they learn how to live and let go.

  • Without Perfect Answers (Bruce Bowers, producer/director) (60 minutes length): feature-length documentary that takes a close look at the countryʼs foster care system. The story starts with The Crossnore School (a boarding school founded in the middle of the North Carolina mountains in 1913 to serve impoverished children of the region) and leads Bowers and his crew overseas to the Goldstein Youth Village in Jerusalem in search of answers. (Bowers is an Award-winning Charlotte filmmaker who produced “The Blue Ridge Parkway: The Long and Winding Road.”)