A Look Inside Our Joedance Summer Internship Program

Integrative medicine is key part of holistic wellness and the focus of our Joedance Internship Program. It’s a practice that treats the patient as a whole, not just their cancer. Integrative medicine uses a variety of mind and body practices, natural products, and lifestyle changes such as treatment alongside conventional medications.

These therapies include, but are not limited to yoga, acupuncture, meditation, art therapy, and journaling. In this project, we aim to understand the experiences and interest in integrative medicine from a wide variety of patients and caregivers with different backgrounds through the utilization of a survey of oncology patients being treated at the Levine Children’s Hospital. Using our data and the current research on integrative medicine, we can begin to change the views of other patients, caregivers, and providers regarding integrative medicine practices and their effect on patient well-being to provide patients with the best care possible.

Meet Emily Madsen, Our Summer ’19 Joedance Intern
Emily Madsen is a sophomore at Clemson University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences with a rehabilitation focus to work towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She loves to travel, run, and hang in her hammock. She’s passionate about her current research and hopes that, by its conclusion, there will be more evidence on the growing need to further educate people about integrative medicine and its successes.

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DianeA Look Inside Our Joedance Summer Internship Program
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