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A Message From Tony Restaino

For the past few years I have been the go-to person for my mom to ask science related questions relating to Joedance. That’s what I get for deciding to pursue a career in the sciences, I suppose. Being able to watch Joedance grow and support multiple projects has been an honor. This year, following vaccinations and testing, I was able to make it back home for the holidays, and was able to visit the lab and meet the staff supported by Joedance for the first time. It was incredible to see everything that has been accomplished.

Over the years Joedance has been able to fund several different projects, and during my visit I was able to experience three of these most recent projects. First, I was able to see the newly purchased CyTOF machine (discussed by me in a previous blog post) and was able to view the current projects the machine was being used for. Additionally, I was able to meet the intern we are currently funding, Roman Rivera, and the discuss the project he has been working on with Dr. David Gass. Finally, I was able to meet Dr. David Mulama, a phenomenal immunologist who is spearheading the work using the CyTOF machine.

Recently, Joedance expanded our slogan to include “Every Month. Every Week. Every Day™”. Having the opportunity to meet the individuals who are supported with funds from Joedance, and the passion and dedication they exhibit in their work was rewarding. Being able to see the reflection of Joedance’s purpose and focus of the research conducted in the lab is the most rewarding work we have done.

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