Why I Give.Every.Month.

Why I Give.Every.Month.

Why I Give.Every.Month. 150 150 Joedance Film Festival

Written By Emily Portal, Longtime Supporter

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There was much anticipation for the new year. On January 1 we find ourselves wishing family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances “Happy New Year.” Out of habit we could find ourselves wishing others Happy New Year for what seems like more than a month straight.

What other habits do we take through the year? Do we follow through on our New Year’s resolution to exercise more, eat healthy, to stop procrastinating? Will our 2021 New Year’s resolution look different than years before it?

This year more than ever we are searching for human connection. The two-week lockdown has snowballed into months and more months of isolation and monotony blurring into the year following. 2021 feels like a new start and reset yet the landscape around us hasn’t drastically changed.

But there is a change I am personally making in the new year. I have committed to a new monthly habit that is bigger than just myself, becoming a G.E.M. for Joedance. Each G.E.M. will Give. Every. Month. as through regular and consistent donations Joedance is better able to advance the care for pediatric cancer patients at Atrium Health Levine Children’s.

In the grand scheme of things my gift is small- $10. But for the next 12 months my $10 will be $120. Some corporate companies will even 100% match employees’ charitable donations. I have friends and colleagues that are also giving each month-starting at $5 per month- so collectively our impact is much greater. Together we are ensuring Joedance as an organization is able to do more for the patients at Levine Children’s.

If 120 individuals become a G.E.M. each month of 2021 at $10 per month we could raise over $14,400 to help honor Joe’s legacy list and fund research to find better treatments with better outcomes for those with pediatric cancer.

Over the nearly 10 years I’ve been involved in Joedance I have been able to see many successful research projects. There’s been the introduction of Healios, a flavored liquid that lessens the severity of mouth sores for patients as well as implementation of more integrative medicine. I’ve seen the backpack project which created cost-saving and home-based treatment monitoring.

2020 for Joedance was incredibly impactful. Our community of donors helped move forward real advancements at Levine Children’s through funding a full-time lab tech to support research of the effects of inflammation on cancer and cancer treatment. It is one of only 30 hospitals in the country to have a CyToF machine to make this research possible.

I am proud to be a G.E.M. and Give.Every.Month. Finally, I’ve found a New Year’s Resolution I will be able to stick to.