The Joedance VIP Experience



The Joedance VIP Experience

The historic Dunhill Hotel, in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, is proud to partner with The Joedance Film Festival in offering guests of the festival a truly memorable experience. Conveniently located just four blocks from the Charlotte Ballet’s Center for Dance, home of the festival, we are thrilled to offer the following for the evening of Saturday, August 3rd:

2 VIP tickets to the Red Carpet Event and Joedance Film Festival screenings
1-night stay in a Vintage Queen Room at The Dunhill Hotel
$50 voucher to use at The Asbury Restaurant, located in The Dunhill Hotel
$275.00, plus tax and gratuities

This immersive experience is only available by confirming your reservation through this exclusive link: BOOK NOW

We join you in enthusiastically supporting pediatric cancer research.

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DianeThe Joedance VIP Experience

A Look Inside Our Joedance Summer Internship Program

Integrative medicine is key part of holistic wellness and the focus of our Joedance Internship Program. It’s a practice that treats the patient as a whole, not just their cancer. Integrative medicine uses a variety of mind and body practices, natural products, and lifestyle changes such as treatment alongside conventional medications.

These therapies include, but are not limited to yoga, acupuncture, meditation, art therapy, and journaling. In this project, we aim to understand the experiences and interest in integrative medicine from a wide variety of patients and caregivers with different backgrounds through the utilization of a survey of oncology patients being treated at the Levine Children’s Hospital. Using our data and the current research on integrative medicine, we can begin to change the views of other patients, caregivers, and providers regarding integrative medicine practices and their effect on patient well-being to provide patients with the best care possible.

Meet Emily Madsen, Our Summer ’19 Joedance Intern
Emily Madsen is a sophomore at Clemson University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences with a rehabilitation focus to work towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She loves to travel, run, and hang in her hammock. She’s passionate about her current research and hopes that, by its conclusion, there will be more evidence on the growing need to further educate people about integrative medicine and its successes.

You can make a donation to help support Joedance and our Internship Program HERE

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DianeA Look Inside Our Joedance Summer Internship Program

An Inspirational Message From Joe

There are a lot of inspiring quotes out there, but this one really hits home.

Joe was so many things…courageous, kind, strong, and loving just to name a few. He always had a way of lighting up a room even in the darkest of times. He preached a message of hope, support, and community that was the foundation of his strength during his battle with cancer.

This particular video was taken when he was between chemotherapy treatments for recurrent bone cancer at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. Joe courageously returned to McCallie for his Senior Chapel talk to continue to do what he did so well, inspire others.

Here we are, over a decade later, getting ready to celebrate the Joedance Film Festival’s 10th year! Joe’s message still resides in our hearts. It motivates us to continue to raise funds for the fight against pediatric cancer. We’re thankful for Joe’s courage and inspiring words that we will keep especially close to our hearts as we celebrate 10 wonderful years in his memory #JoedanceTurns10

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DianeAn Inspirational Message From Joe

Celebrating Local Arts

It all started almost 10 years ago…

When the Restaino family decided to combine their love of films with the science of cancer research in honor of their son, Joe. That sentimental idea blossomed into the Joedance Film Festival we know and love today!

Power of Cinema

The Joedance Film Festival is a multicultural festival that screens award-winning, original films created by directors, producers, writers, and actors with a North Carolina or South Carolina connection. Over the years, we’ve learned so much about the art of filmmaking. We have a deep appreciation for the talent of local filmmakers and we’re honored they continue to share their talents with us each year!

Arts+ Partnership

This year, on our 10th anniversary, we’ve teamed up with Arts+ to continue to celebrate and showcase the local art culture of Charlotte. We’re honored that the Arts+ Essemble will be playing during the Thursday receptions at the 2019 Joedance Film Festival on August 1st for the Cultural Arts Evening.

Supporting Local Art

Over the past 10 years, we’ve received tremendous support from the community including local artists, filmmakers, and foundations. We’d like to thank everyone from The Charlotte Ballet (our new venue) to local artists like the Sozo Gallery and all those involved in the Arts+ program. Charlotte is a city with a vibrant art’s culture and we’re honored to be a part of that community!

Joedance Jam 2019

Before we celebrate the talent of local filmmakers at our festival in August, join us at Suffolk Punch for Joedance Jam! Enjoy music from Chris Moreno of Nashville as well as the Josey Wails Band and The Sammies from Charlotte. It will be one of the best parties in town and $1 from every beer sold between 4pm and 7pm will be donated to

Joedance to help us in our fight against rare pediatric cancers. Tickets are selling out for our 10th annual film festival August 1-3! If you haven’t
bought your tickets, do so today before they sell out! Ticket Link HERE

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DianeCelebrating Local Arts

Joedance Film Festival 2019: 3 Days, 2 States, 1 Cause

We’re just a few days away from the final film submission deadline for the 2019 Joedance Film Festival! Tuesday, April 30, is your last chance to submit a film for consideration to be featured in our 10th annual film festival!

Joedance Film Festival is recognized as one of the Queen City’s hidden gems, where filmmakers, community leaders, and arts supporters gather to view and discuss films in an inviting environment, all proceeds are donated to Atrium Health LevineChildren’s.
Selected filmmakers will receive two VIP passes to three nights of screenings, which also includes an invitation to the Cultural Arts Evening on Thursday, Filmmakers’ Dinner on Friday, and Red Carpet Event on Saturday, prior to the screenings. All filmmakers will
be featured on Joedance Film Festival’s website and social media pages up to and following the Festival, and will receive exclusive access to network with community leaders, supporters of the arts, and fellow filmmakers.
For the first time ever, we’ve opened up submissions to filmmakers from South Carolina to invite even more talent. Eligible filmmakers must have a connection (a resident, a previous resident, or films which take place in, or are filmed in, the Carolinas
and/or feature lead actors with Carolina roots).

Don’t wait another day to submit your film!
Submit Today: HERE

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DianeJoedance Film Festival 2019: 3 Days, 2 States, 1 Cause

10 Years Strong: What To Expect From The Joedance Film Festival 2019

Here we are, a decade later, celebrating our 10th birthday at Joedance.

We’ve had 10 amazing years of working to fulfill Joe’s wish to spread awareness and raise funds for rare pediatric cancer. Joe didn’t know we’d celebrate his legacy through a film festival, but we think he’d be proud.

As we enter this milestone, we’re looking forward to Joedance 2019 with excitement and enthusiasm! Each year we strive to improve the festival experience, honor the filmmakers, and, of course, raise funds for research. Here are some special ways we plan to do that and more this year on our 10th anniversary…

We’ve Added SC Filmmakers To The List

It’s been an idea we’ve been kicking around for a while and the board decided this was the year to do it! In case you haven’t heard, for the first time ever, Joedance is open to North AND South Carolina filmmakers with a local connection.

No More Tent

Our growth and expansion over the years have allowed us to move on to bigger and better things. We’re retiring the tent for Joedance 2019 and moving the festival entirely inside our new home at the Charlotte Ballet.

We’re Adding An Extra Night

Joedance 2019 will be our first three-day festival kicking off on Thursday, August 1, 2019. In addition to featuring films, Thursday’s reception will feature students from the Arts + Essemble to celebrate our partnership and love for the local arts.

Tickets Are On Sale Earlier This Year

Instead of waiting until July, we’re extending the opportunity to our patrons and donors to secure their tickets a few months earlier. Tickets are now available so grab yours before they sell out.

We thank you for 10 wonderful years of support, and we look forward to celebrating with you this August. Cheers to 10 more!

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Diane10 Years Strong: What To Expect From The Joedance Film Festival 2019

How #Hashtags Help

On August 23, 2007, Chris Messina introduced the idea of the hashtag as a way to create group unity and global conversations around a specific topic. This one idea from a Silicon Valley product designer blossomed into the social media hashtag we know and love today.

Hashtags are now universal and help connect us with others participating in the same cause, event or topic of conversation. For a regional event like Joedance, hashtags can help in many ways! So, in case you haven’t heard, we’d like to introduce you to two hashtags that are near and dear to Joedance.


We’ve already rolled out our 10th anniversary hashtag! Tag all of your photos with #JoedanceTurns10 to help us celebrate and commemorate. 


Inspired by the ever popular #KeepPounding hashtag, our creative team developed #KeepFilmingNC as a way to support and promote regional filmmakers. Since our 2019 Joedance Film Festival will include North & South Carolina filmmakers, we wanted to come up with a way to show our support regionally and outside of the festival.

With all of the hashtag excitement, we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing back the Joedance Twitter account to make the most of our creative hashtags. You can follow us @joedancefilm.

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DianeHow #Hashtags Help

Remembering Love During The Season of Love

Cupid is officially out in full force. The chocolates, roses, and cards that line the aisles of big-box stores highlight the commercial meaning of Valentine’s Day but fail to encompass the true meaning of love.

Love and Grief

The meaning of love runs a little deeper for those of us who have loved and lost. Love and grief are intimately related. You can’t have one without the other. You do not grieve unless you love and the risk of love involves the inevitability of grief. Though grief  is hardening, it can also help you live a more purposeful life. A life full of meaning is possible once you realize the source of your grief is because of an unmatched love. It’s this type of love that fuels Joedance….

The love from Joe’s family who still deeply feels their loss.

The love from the community as they continue to support our cause.

The love from those who never even met Joe but have fallen in love with his bravery.

A Legacy of Love

Joe left behind a legacy of love! He wanted people to be inspired by his story- to have courage during the hard times in life. Joe loved a lot of things in life, but NOTHING more than his family and friends. At the end, he hung onto every day and every opportunity to be with his brothers and his friends. He would light up when they would visit. It meant the world to him.

As followers, friends, and supporters of Joedance, we ask you to honor the great loves in your life this season and beyond. Live each day to the fullest. Never forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. And above all, be sure to express your love every day in new ways.

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DianeRemembering Love During The Season of Love