Art Appreciation In Our Local Community

Art Appreciation In Our Local Community

Art Appreciation In Our Local Community 150 150 Joedance Film Festival


“Why a film festival?”

It’s a question that arises almost any time I’m meeting with a new supporter or giving an interview.

Joedance started with a promise I made to Joe. I knew that I would raise funds and awareness to find a better way to treat childhood cancer. I didn’t know what that would look like but I did now it would not be a 5K, a gala or a luncheon.

Now, almost 12 years later, it’s very clear that our decision to host a film festival was one of the best choices we’ve ever made! In addition to raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research at Atrium Health’s Levine Children’s, we’ve developed an enriched love and appreciation for the arts.

Our filmmakers help fuel Joedance.

Every year they share their talents by submitting films for the festival. Each film is unique, creative, and a true reflection of the filmmaker’s skills. Though I’m never a part of the judging process, I can say that I truly appreciate every film that’s submitted.

Joedance has given me a deeper appreciation for the arts- especially here in our community.

Arts+ and Studio 345

Charlotte is a city rich in art and culture. There are so many wonderful museums and programs that keep art alive in the Queen City. One program that has a special place in our hearts is Arts+. It’s a program that provides outstanding arts education to students of all backgrounds and ages. They help students tap into their artistic potential, plus access the many other irreplaceable benefits of an arts education.

At our 10th Annual Film Festival, we invited students from the Arts+ program to play live music during the reception and we were blown away! Now, Art+ hosts a wonderful program called Studio 345. Studio 345 is a free, creative, out-of-school youth development program for Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school students.

Studio 345 uses digital media arts to educate and inspire students to stay in school, graduate, and pursue a college or career path. Students come out of the program with tangible skills they can market such a graphic design, photography or film editing.

“Partnering with local companies and organizations provides access and opportunities for students to understand how those skills apply to the workforce,” said Angela Grauel, Director of Studio 345. “Joedance Film Festival provides professional real-world experiences for our students. Studio 345 is grateful for the opportunity to expose students to programs such as this, especially those who are seeking a career in film making”, she said.

We’re thankful for all of our community connections! We look forward to keeping the spirit of the arts alive and well in the Queen City in 2021 and beyond.