A Word From The Clinical Intern, Roman Rivera

A Word From The Clinical Intern, Roman Rivera

A Word From The Clinical Intern, Roman Rivera 900 1024 Joedance Film Festival

Hello everyone, my name is Roman Rivera. I am currently a sophomore at UNC Charlotte studying mechanical engineering, as a pre-med student. This past year I was Joedance’s clinical intern for the summer and winter break. I am so blessed to have received this opportunity to learn, grow, and make adjustments as I progress towards my goal of medical school.

The experience I had at Levine Children’s was priceless and it gave me a new perspective on the medical world. There is no amount of gratitude that will show how consequential this opportunity has been to me. I wanted to take a second and just say thank you for helping me start my path to make a difference in the world.

I started this internship with little knowledge about the pediatric hematology/oncology field and in just six weeks I gained a copious amount of knowledge that I can use for medical school. I worked in the clinic under Dr. Gass who is a pediatric hematologist/oncologist that specializes in neuro-oncology. I had the opportunity to work in the medical records, data mining information that can be used for research, and a new local database at Atrium Health. I searched for specific details in patient’s profiles like what type of tumor they had, what treatment they received, did they have any molecular findings, and if cancer had relapsed. This information can be used for further research and to see if there are any connections that can be made between the patients.

I also had the pleasure to shadow Dr. Gass and Dr. Jacobsen during their clinical visits and during their rounds. These visits and rounds really showed me what it means to be a medical professional, to help someone in need, and to be making a difference in the world. The experiences I had with the patients gave new meaning to the importance of clinical research and the mission of Joedance. As of right now, I am working with Atrium and Dr. Gass. We are beginning a research paper with Dr. Gass that will also be entered into Atrium Health’s database.

Now that my journey has started towards making a difference in the world, everything I do will be in Joe’s legacy, and I want to thank Joedance again for this wonderful opportunity. Before I end this short blog, I wanted to give food for thought. What can we as regular people do to make a difference in this world?

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