A Place To Gather

A Place To Gather

A Place To Gather 150 150 Joedance Film Festival


Despite everything my family went through with Joe and his cancer, despite the endless days and sleepless nights and the anxiety that chewed through my insides and the whiplash of never being able to stomach anything and always being hungry, there were positive things that lingered.

I find it easier to let the little things slide off like water down my shoulders in the shower.

I don’t let differing personal beliefs detract from another’s worth, both to me and in their own life.

I find bliss in the monotony of the everyday.

Going through treatment there were many things Joe, and all the rest of us by extension, could not do. When he could he was off like a bullet, tearing through life. But between those moments were months of us sitting around and watching movies. Laughing at movies even when we should be crying. Watching them again, noticing things we had no idea how we missed the first time around. Escaping in them, into them, always.

When we started Joedance we decided on a film festival because it was what our family did– we watched movies. But it was more than that. Movies were, at a most difficult time in our lives, a reprieve from what was always hovering at the front of our minds. A safe harbor of sorts. It was this that we wanted to share with people.

None of this would be possible, of course, without the filmmakers who submit their work for us to showcase. They are the backbone of Joedance, and we are grateful for their continued support.

This past year, more so than any year before, we are truly honored that they continued to support us doing a very fast and sudden transition from a live film festival to a virtual event. The filmmakers bravely took a step with us, took this rapid change in stride, and helped us make this year more successful than ever before.

We at Joedance will never be able to express what their continued support means to us. Their films allow us to do what we do year after year: create a place where people can come together, laugh together, and maybe find a bit of reprieve in films just like my family did all those years ago.