Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 150 150 Joedance Film Festival

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Like many families, mine will not be gathering this year for the holidays. For the first time in thirty-one years, it will only be Mike and myself at the dinner table.

We are fortunate that we will have the ability to video chat with our boys on Christmas day (shout out to Zoom, which has kept millions of people in touch this year). But we know it will not be the same.

This shift in our plans has made me think a lot about the ways in which we connect to one another and build a community. How those connections keep us grounded and anchored in a world in which we have very little control.

After Joe’s death, our family felt untethered. We spent so long focused on him and his treatment and built our lives around that. It was an unsettling moment for us trying to recalibrate ourselves in a world where that no longer existed. So much of what happened was out of our control. I learned to start small, near my focus. Like cleaning a house one room at a time. I focused on one thing I could make sane and built from there.

Joedance became that first room for me. Through founding Joedance Film Festival, the people who supported us and worked alongside us in our efforts, I was able to find that community again and was able to find my feet. Every year of Joedance is special to our organization, but you made this year the most memorable. Every goal set for fundraising and engagement was achieved.

So, this year, as we enter a very different Holiday season, I want to thank our Joedance community. Our sponsors and donors, supporters and filmmakers near and far. I am honored to have you by our side and look forward to your continued support as we continue to move forward.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday.